Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cheese Whiz

Was I just, in my earlier post, mocking others for being proud of "doing homework" on their Facebook pages? Oh my goodness.

For today, I returned some cheese, and was proud. And recount the tale here...

Hey, I recount the tale here because it's a big-ass hassle for me to buy groceries via bus in the first place, much less having to return sordid, stinky cheese that has gone bad! I bought the stuff Monday (9/27), first cut into it Wednesday, discovered its saggy (in)consistency, looked for the first time at the expiration date... 9/08/10. Fuck. I don't have a car that enables me to zip on over to the 2-mile-away supermarket, so the nasty cheese had been sitting in my fridge festering all week, me worrying about getting rid of it and getting my money back and also needing some non-rotten cheddar cheese for my food...

Let me, for a sec, go on with further trivialities: For the past 2 months I've also been without a USB cable from my digital camera to my computer. Why? I got aggressive with trying to plug in the original cord and bent it. So I couldn't download any pictures I took. The sad mutilated cord has been sitting around for ages. Me worrying about how to replace it and really wanting it replaced...... Finally scheduled the long bus journey to a shopping center with a Best Buy. They didn't have a replacement. Staples didn't have a replacement. The guys at the stores said such a cord wasn't available any more. One guy offered a $22 substitute involving a memory card that I didn't need. I said no, gave up, got on the bus to go home.

After all of this, I felt like a burger, which I hadn't had in 2 weeks. Got off one bus to catch another to Whataburger, stood on the side of the road by the bus-stop like a dork for nearly a half-hour, both to and fro.

The day's events in short: Finally got my money back at the grocery store, got some non-expired cheddar cheese. Went to Whataburger, got my burger. Got home, went online, found a USB cable for $1.29. All of this took all afternoon (more than 4 hours), when it should have taken under an hour. I don't recount this here for any reader's benefit, but just for myself ---- the bus-life in Austin, Texas, is ridiculous. And one day, I will be beyond it and able to look back here to see what kind of shit I had to go through just to do 3 simple errands.

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