Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" www.joelburns.com

Joel Burns is a Fort Worth, Texas, city councilman. He made this speech on October 12. And got a standing ovation from both his fellow councilmembers and most of the audience. (I'm so amazed, and so proud of Burns, Fort Worth, and Texas.)

For those of you who aren't gay, you have NO IDEA what we've had to go through. Especially for Middle America kids, like myself. (You urbanites have, I think, had a much easier time of it.) Burns spells out his (and my) rural Texas childhood, and the shit we've had to face. I'm glad he came out OK on the other end of the emotional abuse. I haven't yet.

Fuck all the straight (and closeted gay) men who gay-bash.

Fuck all the straight/"bi-curious" women who come on to gay women for "fun."

Congrats, straight people, for imposing your own psychological damage on others. I don't know, quite, which is worse: A gay man who gets beaten by a straight guy for revealing his sexuality. Or a gay woman who gets led on by a straight woman, then is immediately dumped when she (the gay woman) responds. Oh, of course the physical abuse is worse. Gay men DIE because of straight men. Gay women don't die. They just get repeatedly damaged emotionally.

Again, congrats straight people for your game-playing. In truth, the "problem" has never lain with "gay marauders out to corrupt your youth." Gays are just gays, and usually keep to themselves, like cats. Instead, the problem lies with sexually confused people (claiming to be straight) who are sometimes attracted to gay people, then get all disturbed and defensive when the gay people that they come on to respond to their advances. That's when the murders take place. That's when the emotional abuse takes place.

Like I said above: Fuck you, in-the-closet "so-called straight" people who turn out not to be so straight after all. You're worse than any Republican right-winger who believes that homosexuality is wrong for crazy biblical reasons and so doesn't interact with gay people. At least with the latter type of people, you know where you stand.

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