Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweeter words...

...were never uttered:

"We are going to start getting first-round proofs... Will you be ready to help? Work should be pretty steady for the next two or three months."

Yes, please! :)

Geez, it's sad to be grateful to a potential employer like you would be to a potential lover! :)

p.s. Thanks to news sources for pointing out that the actual unemployment rate in the US right now is much closer to 20% than the official government version of 9.7%. The 9.7% refers to those filing Unemployment claims every week. You're only allowed to file the claims for so long. In my case, based on my New Jersey work, I got benefits for 6 months, then I was cut off. While I still can't find a full-time job and scrabble for free-lance work, I'm also no longer considered "Unemployed" according to the US government stats. Just to point out that the "9.7%" is completely false. This country's unemployment rate is actually at Great Depression levels.

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