Monday, October 25, 2010

What $1,000 will get you...

In real-life financial terms, when you have no constant source of income, a gift of $1,000 gets you a reprieve from fear for one month. This $1,000 from my great aunt just paid for me to live (rent/bills) for the month of December, which I'd been worried about. (I'd figured out that I was covered for the upcoming-in-one-week November rent.)

In the short term, the fact that I'd just received $1,000 also enabled me to go to the drug-store to get a few "luxuries" that I'd run out of over the past few months and hadn't replaced because they weren't really "necessities":

(1) Reading glasses. The glasses that my mom gave me a few months ago look like shit. I kept thinking, "What if I actually get hired somewhere and want to look decent??" So I splurged on a pair of drugstore reading glasses, with case and cord: $14.99.

(2) Lotions. I like Eucerin for my face, Cetaphil for my body. Have been living on the dregs of the old containers and cheapie substitutes for months. Finally today was able to buy new.

(3) Whitening mouthwash. Total "luxury" that I'd done without for the past 6 months. And bought again today.

The unexpected gift of $1,000 was worth about $25 in actuality, as far as my beloved products went, but about a million psychologically.

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