Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hitler for the Holidays

Thanksgiving conversation topic: My mom had read that a poll of high schoolers said that Jesus was the guest they'd most like to have at their Thanksgiving table. I immediately rolled my eyes: "JESUS? They all just said that!" So everybody jumped on me for being mean! I actually do think Jesus would be an interesting dinner guest, but not, I'm sure, for the same reasons as the high schoolers! (I'd be trying to get out of him if he really was the Son o' God, or if he was just crazy and/or a good talker.)

Then my sister-in-law said she'd want her great-aunt or something. I initially subdued another eye roll, but lost all control when the 8-year-old nephew said that -- of all the people in the world -- he wanted his cousin (who lives in NY).

Me: "That's just corny!" (I have to train this kid early!) :)
Sis-in-law: "That's not corny, that's sweet!"
Me: [rolling, rolling, rolling]

Anyway, I picked, off the top of my head, Joan Crawford and Ted Hughes. (Hey, at least not corny!)

My mom picked her grandfather and...Hitler!! Now, I couldn't argue with that -- it really would be interesting to have her Commie grandfather who had to leave Germany in '33 because of Hitler AND HITLER to dinner! Hitler, as with Jesus, another extreme figure; the fascination for me would be to try to figure the guy out: Is he practicing his hypnotic stare on anyone? Is he slipping in anti-Semitic remarks to the conversation? What if he gets pissed off about something, say if the turkey's overcooked? (Oh wait, he was a vegetarian...Will we get a lecture about the turkey?) Does he chew with his mouth open? Does he undo his pants after all the vegetables and go to sleep on the couch?

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