Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Sailor-Dog Christmas

My sister-in-law's parents (in from Houston) and two sisters (in from NYC) will all be at my brother's/sister-in-law's Austin house for Christmas Day. So me, my mom, bro/sis-in-law, and nephews will be having OUR family Christmas at my mom's Austin house on Christmas Eve.

It's kind of weird, now that I think about it: I've always been at my mom's for Christmas Day every single year of my life. Since 1983, when I went off to college, I've always travelled to get to her house for Christmas (Austin to Azle, Austin/San Fran/New York to San Antonio), and so always spent at least 2 nights there, usually 3 or 4. This year, now that my mom lives in Austin like me, a mile away, I'll spend the few hours on Christmas Eve over there, then be driven the mile home. Then spend the rest of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day all by myself.

In the past, my brother/sis-in-law would, like me, travel to San Antonio and spend a couple of nights there around Christmas. (Then they'd head off to Houston to be with her family.) It was always festive being around the nephews, then getting up to the nephews the next day! :) Plus the travelling to a different place, sleeping in a different bed, always made it seem holiday-ish and fun to me. This year, it's just going to be a couple of hours of "festive," then back home to my apt. The melancholy of it just hit me now.

I'd better get used to it, that's for sure! My mom's only 70 now, and her ancestors tended to live into their 80s. But the fun of Christmas has always been about the kids, and my brother's kids are pledged to his wife's family for Christmas Day. I'm always going to be an adjunct "aunt." And once my mom's gone, there's not even going to be a "Christmas Eve" set aside for me. Boo-hoo. Sometimes you just feel like Sailor-dog.

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