Saturday, December 11, 2010

Put on your new pants and move out to France

I was just looking online to see what Julian and Sean Lennon had been up to lately (I check maybe every 2 or 3 years or something). Turns out Sean has a spiffy-looking model-girlfriend (with Ted Hughes's birthday, August 17):

Most interestingly to me, they've been collaborating on music together and have put out an album as the group "The GOASTT." (Cutely, the name is short for "Ghost of a Saber-Toothed Tiger," a story that Charlotte wrote when she was 7.) Here's one single that I found on YouTube:

It's slightly too fey for my taste, but I like it nonetheless, especially lyrics like:

...All the skeletons in your closet
are rummaging through your clothes
Looking through your shoeboxes and pockets
gum wrappers and dumb love notes..."

I'm envious of them! The excitement of being in love AND the intellectual excitement of also being able to collaborate creatively together. I do miss that about Sandra -- her extremely creative, interesting mind. Our one attempt to write something together a complete disaster! (In general: Is it the hard-headed, tormented Leo/Scorpio thang, or is it that she's barely ever been out of the radius of River Oaks for 53 years? For all of her background wealth and surface savoir-faire and experience, she's really much more of an emotional/intellectual/spiritual/sexual hick than me.)

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