Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Jelly Dance

OK, talking about "The Jelly Dance" is like, oh, "dancing about architecture." And my brother's cell phone couldn't capture it tonight, though he tried. But, my, it was something to see. I've got a freaky little showboat of a 5-year-old nephew!

Watching his minutes-long "Jelly Dance," I thought for sure he'd gotten it off MTV or someplace, but no. Turns out he'd made up every bit of every pose and hand gesture and head toss himself. It's hard to explain... let me at least try to explain one move. While putting on his singing/dancing "Jelly Dance" in socks, he slipped on the hardwood floor and fell down. Clearly an accident. But he immediately jumped up and then replicated the EXACT SAME FALL as if the first one had been intentional, all the while singing, "...the Jelly Dance!" It was bizarre, yet fascinating.

I was somewhat of a show-off and smarty when I was little, but the minor precociousness was mainly verbal, rarely to the point of actually "performing" for people, and never to the point of not being embarrassed when I screwed up... and then completely salvaging the screw-up through IMPROVISATION!

Show people are a different breed. While I've admired some movie stars in my life, I've rarely seen or known actual performers in person. Maybe a couple of local Austin plays/people back in the '90s. One Broadway one-man show. I'm a writer (not so much HERE, sorry), and thus stereotypically a certain "type" of person... and "creative folk" are supposed to, allegedly, hang together and be one of a kind, but... what a writer does and what performers do are actually completely different. Both channel. That's the unique, mystical part, and the part that gets the two groups of people lumped together. I think, though, that writers, when they receive spiritual information from outside of themselves, are more humble about it, incorporating it into their work but not necessarily taking credit for it, effacing themselves in the process. Actors, on the other hand: If they feel the "vibes" from an outside entity, the good ones are able to do the hard work of the channeling, but... they then also take all the face credit!

They're different. And, somehow, stronger in a way, more disciplined. The "9-to-5 equivalent," the people pleasers/reliable ones of the creative world.

While I will never be like that -- never so charming or so physically talented, or so disciplined and eager to please -- the skill-set is, nonetheless, something I greatly admire: the sensitivity and psychic chanelling combined with the consciousness of the demands of the "outer world," and the ability to interact with the latter.

Where that "Jelly Dance" came from, at age 5, is so unique and amazing and interesting to me.

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