Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dream Girls

My psyche must be truly starved for affection. Last night I had two separate dreams about celebrities, Kim Zolciak and Kim Kardashian, that I think are beautiful but don't really normally fantasize about (I actually find Kris Jenner more attractive than her daughter Kim)...

In the first dream, Kim Zolciak (from Atlanta Housewives) was stroking my leg and cuddling up with me in bed, etc., while we were naked. In the second, Kim Kardashian was with me while we looked at a large, as-yet-unrenovated apartment that I was thinking about renting. (Though in the dream, I was pondering what kind of ad to write for a roommate, so I must not have been moving in to the place with HER.) Then we went to get an ice-cream together.

I felt very happy in both dreams! Woke up feeling that they were real, then slightly bummed when I realized they weren't.

I'm a tiny bit psychic... Wonder if some sexy "Kim" with a foreign last name is in my future?? ;p (Lord knows I could do with some uncomplicated, non-neurotic affection in the New Year after the past two years of utter and constant shittiness!)

And sad that I was so grateful and happy upon receiving affection just in a dream... Lying in bed naked with someone that you like and/or love shouldn't be so hard. Going for ice-cream with someone you like shouldn't be so hard.

When real life is so emotionally bunged up, it sometimes takes dreams to unravel the knottedness, show you what's possible. Not IMpossible -- simple, sweet, and possible.

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