Tuesday, January 04, 2011

FINALLY found my 2011 calendar...

After all that leg-work searching on New Year's Day to no avail, just gave in and ordered my New York City calendar online. Half-price, but with shipping, nearly the same regular price. Oh well.

And it's not a maudlin choice of calendar. Looking at it will make me happy, dammit! :) Despite my still missing New York City personally, I also have always liked how the town looks aesthetically -- for the past 4 years or so, even before I lived there, had a NYC calendar and was inspired by it every month. The town is spirited and beautiful, and just looking at pictures of it makes me happy. Losing it was truly sad to me, but not tragic. It's still there. I've crawled all over it. I used to work and take smoke breaks and eat and see movies in Times Square, and at Union Square, and in Greenwich Village. I've got pictures of it imprinted in my mind. And I won't be poor and trapped 1000 miles away forever. :)

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