Sunday, January 16, 2011

George Jones "Blues Man"

I saw the video below for the first time yesterday on a local cable music station. George Jones with Dolly Parton, in 2005. (I'd first thought it was even more recent.) George not at his very best, but still very good, with hints of his former greatness. (a la watching Joan Crawford in "Strait-Jacket," I suppose)

Ageing is scary to me, a "regular person" with some moments over the years of hitting highs that don't come nearly as frequently any more. If I'M bothered by it, just imagine the psychological effects on the REALLY great.

All that said, I like the song a lot. I like the sentiment, I like the theme of mercy and redemption, I like the look back at his past; and I like listening, as always (always), to George's beautiful, soulful voice (my favorite male singer).


I'm just a singer, a natural born guitar ringer
Kind of a clinger to sad old songs
I'm not a walk-behinder, I'm a new note finder
But my name's a reminder of a blues man that's already gone

So I started drinkin', took some things that messed up my thinkin'
I was sure sinkin' when she came along
I was alone in the spotlight, not too much left in sight
She changed all that one night when she sang me this song

Hey baby I love you, hey baby I need you
Hey baby you don't have to prove to me you're some kind of macho of man
You've wasted so much of your life runnin' through the dark nights
Let me shine a little love light down on you, blues man

I got sick from speedin', all the things they said I was needing
If I was to keep on pleasing all of my fans
I got cuffed on dirt roads, I got sued over no shows
She came and took all that old load down off this blues man

And I sang hey baby I love you too, hey baby I need you too
Hey baby I do get tired of this traveling band

I'm up in my years now, nights would be so cold now
If you hadn't stuck it out with this blues man
I'm up in my years now, nights would be so cold now
If she hadn't hung around with this blues man.

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