Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hair Models (What's so darn funny?)

My hairdresser laughed at me today because I told her that I wanted my hair to look like Nancy Pelosi's! First of all, she didn't know who Pelosi was, and then after I explained, she thought it was hilarious that I wanted hair like a 60-something-year-old Congresswoman! (I would've said, "Hey, it's not like Pelosi's hair looks like Bella Abzug's or Geraldine Ferraro's!" but I fear the point would have been lost. And I guess asking her for "Mamie-bangs" is now forevermore off the table.) To further the hilarity, I admitted to her that a decade ago I used to take a picture of HILLARY CLINTON's hair to show hairdressers...

OK, I know that it's a joke among stylists when ugly-ass clients bring in photos of nubile starlets and/or superstars and say, "Make me look JUST LIKE THAT"... But I thought my Hillary/Pelosi hair pictures were quite reasonable! What the heck?! :)

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