Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hurray for Winter!

Tonight the cold rain, at long last, is coming in, bringing with it, according to the forecasts, highs all next week of 40-something! Thank goodness. I've been wanting this since November.

Really cold weather's not usually a blessing in Texas 'cause the insulation of buildings and the heating sucks. Back in Weehawken/NYC, you could live comfortably below 40 degrees for months on end simply because the majority of the buildings had radiators and steam heat -- in my 3 winters up north, I was never, ever uncomfortably cold. In fact, "cold" and "snow" was fun --- since I didn't have a car and just relied on public transportation, I had nothing to worry about! Just stepped out of my duplex with my cute boots and hat and scarf and took a bus on into Manhattan! (Unlike my duplex owner, who was responsible for shovelling the snow on our steps and crosswalks, along with getting his own car started. Not to mention the city snow plowers' responsibilities!)

I'd missed the harsh weather; now Austin apparently will be getting a taste of it! I haven't been able to even wear a JACKET thus far -- by mid-January. Damn. I want to put on a scarf and coat and boots! For at least a month. Please! :)

p.s. Another plus for cold weather: Hippie neighbors can no longer sit out in the backyard and "converse" loudly/jam 'til 4 a.m. Yes, it's been an ongoing chore having to listen to them. Go inside and talk, for fuck's sake! Shut the fuck UP! :)

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