Monday, February 21, 2011

Marty, the Rock-n-Roll Nigger

God, maybe 15 years ago, a friend of my brother's whom I'd known since he was a kid in Azle (and who subsequently moved to Austin) was hanging out with his mother (visiting from Azle) in an Austin bar that my brother worked at. We all were talking and talking the whole night. He and his mom invited me over to watch movies. In this case "watching movies" meant "watching movies"! One movie they'd rented earlier in the evening and had yet to watch until I came over was the Oscar-winning "Marty," with Ernest Borgnine, about a schlubby man who was torn between hanging out with his friends and being with the plain woman that he loved and who was in love with him (though the woman was not "hot" by his friends' standards, which was a dilemma for him).

"Marty" just came on TCM a few nights ago. After watching, I immediately thought of the pleasant evening with my brother's friend and wrote him via Facebook. He responded:

Oh yeah, that was nice. I remember we had a good time. Actually, I've always enjoyed hanging out and talking with you. You always have something interesting to say and you're never fake. Can't say that much in this city.

Hey I'm reading Patti Smith's book about her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe in the late 60s to the late 70s in New York. Good book. You kind of remind me of her just in terms of how widely read she is with such a restless intellect. Called "Just Kids."


I responded to him:

I haven't read Smith's book yet, though I saw several interviews with her about it months ago (on Charlie Rose, etc.). I was always afraid of women like her... I was raised so conservatively, I never wanted to APPEAR "weird" like she did, though I very much actually admired the life, the thinking... (I didn't mind BEING weird, just didn't want to APPEAR so!) :)

Fuck the Clock, indeed! :)

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