Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Klimt, Medicin, 1898/1907

This is an early take on the theme, from 1898; his final version was done circa 1907. (All later destroyed by the Nazis in 1945, with just photos remaining.)

And then a detail -- "Hygeia" -- from the 1907 painting. It's interesting to see how Klimt had finally become "Klimt"... He has to be my absolute favorite painter. (I was lucky to get to see a rare exhibition of his work -- including a replica of his work-space -- at the Neue Gallerie in NYC, back in November 2007.) He has the lush sensuality of Waterhouse (whom I like very much), for instance, but is able to combine that surface lushness with dozens of other "things" going on -- psychologically (Freud coming into vogue at the time), symbolically, texturally (not "textually," but, rather, the TEXTURES of his paintings in his heyday are insanely creative and innovative). I'm completely stimulated -- mind, body, soul -- when looking at his paintings. (Which reminds me... A few years ago, a co-worker that I had a crush on -- sophisticated, an art lover -- actually told me she didn't that much care for Klimt: "All that [makes a face and manic hand-gestures] going on!" Wow! To me, all that [...] is The Complete: Lush Ordered Chaos!

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