Thursday, April 07, 2011

Anne Sexton, 1974, on the husband she'd just divorced after 25 years

"I had a pal; I had my freedom; I had, oh, you could name so many things. I had the father that never loved me, loving me. I didn't have children (it was a while before we had children, because we had eloped at nineteen). We were children together, playing house. What else could you say?"


And then this earlier excerpt from a poem:

"I am surprised to see
that the ocean is still going on.
Now I am going back
and I have ripped my hand
from your hand as I said I would
and I have made it this far
as I said I would
and I am on the top deck now
holding my wallet, my cigarettes
and my car keys
at 2 o'clock on a Tuesday
in August of 1960."

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