Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Michael Lohan on the Dr. Drew Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky had Michael Lohan on his new show tonight. In which Pinsky said that the now-sober Lohan was a "great role model" and that ex-wife Dina was just "angry." Drew also stuck up for Michael Lohan's recent uninvited visit to his daughter Lindsay's house. After watching the show, I was shocked at Pinsky's utter ignorance. Here's what I posted on his CNN website just now:

I'm disgusted with Pinsky's enabling of Michael Lohan's stalking. If his daughter did not invite him to her house, then why is it OK for him to come over and knock on her doors and peer through her windows? After my parents divorced when I was 12, my father would often drive the 40 miles from his apartment over to the house and do just that: Park up the street, sneak in the back yard, and peer through windows to see what we, the family, were doing in there. It was horrifying and life-scarring to hear that tap at the door after midnight.

Pinsky also said that Michael Lohan was a "great role model" and that he should "reach out to Dina." That's sick. The VERY last thing that abused women, and abused children, who have finally gotten over their emotional connection with their abusers want is to "make nice" with their abusers, just because the abusers want to feel better by saying "sorry."

Almost universally, even after they've gotten sober, the abusers still exhibit the nasty personality traits that the substances only exacerbated: In Michael Lohan's case, he obviously has a control issue. Once he was kicked out of the family, he simply cannot let his attempts at control go. Michael Lohan: Leave your ex-wife alone. Leave your children alone. Pinsky, stop encouraging him. It's obvious that his former wife and children want to leave that ugly part of their lives behind them. Let them move on. Let Michael Lohan move on.


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