Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Teenage Heart / Inside a Broken Dream

In 8th grade (age 13), our English teacher asked us to turn in a poem. I wrote out the Bay City Rollers' "Inside a Broken Dream," which I'd just discovered the summer of '78 before in Germany, from their "It's a Game" album:

Turn the pages of a broken dream
Smiling faces, have they ever seen
Empty hallways, will they ever end
The fool again

Masquerading in a hyper dream
(It's a sad affair)
Fading shadows talk of their machine
(Is it really there)
Through the haze another cigarette
So much to say, and to forget

Inside a broken dream I cry
(we don't think he can take it)
Is love the reason why?
Inside an empty room I stare
(we don't think he can make it)
At love that is not there

Life begins with your head in the dark
(looking out, looking in)
The chord of life reveals the final spark
(Now we can begin)
Takes you nowhere then nowhere takes you back again


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