Sunday, April 24, 2011


Facebook, Facebook:

"Clothes ironed for church, angel food cake in the oven for Easter breakfast, can't wait to praise the Lord with song and bell choir tomorrow at church. Thank you Jesus for being my Savior. Happy Easter everyone!"

And then the response to the above: "Can't wait to call you at midnight!! The Lord is Risen!!!! Blasting out to Glorious Day by casting crowns!! Praise God the Lord is Risen!!"

OK, so while looking forward to blasting out!!/casting crowns!! sounds a lot more exciting than the depressive/depressing bemoaning of a lost small-town love circa 1984... In reality, do all of you cultist Christians REALLY believe that Jesus was a Party Boy? Really? Jesus Christ, from everything that you've read about him, might REALLY like the idea of this kind of WOO-WOO "clothes-ironed" celebration of his made-up rising from the grave (most likely, the man's body was stolen by grave-robbers)? Jesus H. Christ.

His teachings and his death had nothing to do with ironed clothes or "angel-food" (get it?) cake or bell choirs... GODdammit, you cultist simpletons. You might as well just be following David Koresh or somebody. (Which you'd have done in a second if Koresh had had more than a handful of followers. You follow the dead Christ because that's what the majority of your fellow Americans do in the time that you were born. It has nothing to do with Jesus himself, whose words you've almost probably never actually read unless they happened to have been chanted monolithically during repetitive church services.)

Why does everything have to be such a shallow scam? Jesus was completely true to his beliefs, and he died a horrible death for them. Jesus Christ's life was HARD. Until you've dared to be an outcast like he was, then don't pretend to know and/or worship him just by ironing your clothes and baking a cake in honor of his fake rising.

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