Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Trouble with Trump?

I like the guy a lot today, and have since the '80s, when I first became aware of him because of the relatively-silly issue of the NYC skating rink not being finished after 6 years, which Trump, once he got involved, subsequently got finished in 4 months.

Here's what happened with the skating rink: "The rink was closed in 1980 for an announced 2-1/2 years of renovations. When the work was not completed by 1986, Donald Trump persuaded Mayor Ed Koch to let him complete the work and he completed the renovations in four months to have it open by the end of the year. Koch initially objected to the proposal but public pressure prompted him to reverse his position.

Wollman Rink is currently operated by the Trump organization, and is today known as the Trump Wollman Skating Rink."

After Trump stepped in to get things done, I was a complete fan of his efficiency. Since then, the man has been bankrupt and not bankrupt, but every time I've seen him speak to the media, I've liked him.

Today: The birther thang: Jesus. Trump sounded completely stupid when he said, re Obama's birth announcement in his local paper, that poor people don't take out "ads" in local papers when their children are born. Mr. Trump, coming from a less privileged class than yours, let me share: Small local papers are desperate for filler. They ALWAYS print birth announcements. My own birth was announced in the Iowa Park, Texas, paper in 1965. No one paid for that, I promise! :)

That said, President Obama did indeed just release his birth certificate for the first time today -- thanks completely to Trump's agitation. My opinion? I'd always assumed that Obama was born in Hawaii. The birth announcement in the local paper solidified that for me. (Not that I'd even thought about it until birthers brought it up.)

After birthers DID bring it up, though, the left-wing went ballistic with accusations of racism: "No President has ever had to deal with this kind of accusation -- what, is it because he's black?" No, um, I think it's because his father was a native of another country, Kenya. I don't know -- has any U.S. president ever had a foreign-born parent? Obama's father was a Kenyan. A Muslim Kenyan who was a visitor to the States as a student. I don't think it's "racist" to initially question whether the only President who has a foreign-born parent is indeed an American citizen. (NOTE: I said "initially": President Obama should have released his official birth certificate years ago, and then all of this Trump brouhaha would have been avoided.)

Stupid birther stuff aside, what I like about Trump is his bringing up of some major economic issues: Our country's outsourcing of jobs, and our sucking up, trade-wise, to China. I haven't heard ANYBODY mention this except Trump. As someone in the publishing industry, I've been a direct victim over the past few years of the trend to outsource publishing work to foreign countries -- the work is done cheaply, but then it comes back shittily done and has to be re-done by Americans. If it's happened to me, then it's happened to a million other Americans. That Trump mentions this is a god-send -- It's EXTREMELY important to the lives of millions of Americans. As is the concept of not giving China trade deals and tax breaks to the detriment of ordinary Americans. (International companies, on the other hand? They're all about China and cheap labor and outsourcing and making any sort of buck. They don't give a shit about American workers. If Trump is for real about criticizing those companies and their practices, then I'm ALL for him. Obama-the-so-called-liberal, on the other hand, hasn't done a THING to help American workers. He's rescued big banks and big corporations, but he hasn't done a thing to help regular people.)

p.s. Trump's mention in his press conference today RE how Obama got accepted to Harvard: Obama himself wrote in one of his two books (I've read both, but can't remember right now in which one that he mentioned his grade deficiencies) that his grades at Columbia University were bad. How then DID he subsequently get into Harvard Law? Probably, honestly, 'cause he was black. How did he get elected President? Probably, honestly, 'cause he was black. He didn't have the qualifications, but he sounded great when he spoke. And it was time to make a statement. And so now here he is. (As the now-dead Geraldine Ferraro mentioned during the 2008 campaign, a white man with Obama's lack of qualifications would never have been considered for the presidency.)

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