Sunday, May 01, 2011

BIN LADEN DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a psychological burden lifted for the United States. What a possibility for a new national chapter.

I'm reminded of how it felt when America learned that the Vietnam War was over, after all those years of national strife and just plain icky feelings all the way around. I was 10 in 1975 when President Ford announced that the South Vietnamese (our allies) had surrendered. I remember watching the news with my mom, and her saying, "Finally this awful thing is over." What a weight lifted then. What a weight lifted now.

I just went and looked up when the South Vietnamese surrendered: April 30, 1975. And now the day after, May 1, for bin Laden's end. (BTW, Hitler killed himself on April 30, 1945.)

An interesting time of year...

May the happy wedding of Will and Kate on the 29th and the deserved death of bin Laden today somehow merge to create a sense of a new future... At the very least, surely there's no need to be in Afghanistan any more. And no further need to give the corrupt Pakistani government billions of dollars for their "help" in looking for bin Laden. And we now have a reasonable reason for a QUICK out from Iraq.

Can we please come home now? Please?

At this moment, I feel such a rush. Why? The sense of PURE JUSTICE being done (at long last)...

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