Friday, May 20, 2011

Day of the Jackal

Something creepy happened this morning. On my way to the bus-stop, I pass a variety of small buildings. One is a nameless building that I used to think was a Ron Paul headquarters because it has a "Ron Paul Revolution" billboard right in front of it. (Turned out, it's not an office of his; I think it's empty, and random workers in the area use the couple of spaces in front for parking.) Anyway, as I passed this one-story-high building, I happened to glance up. There was a jackal sitting on the edge of the roof looking down at me.

A jackal. On the roof.

I did a double-take then started walking faster, head down: "Oh shit. I made eye contact with it. Dear god, don't let that thing jump down and come after me. Oh my god." I started looking around to see who could help me, and started scoping out the various rocks and sticks near my path that I could conceivably fight it with. After about half a block, I dared to look back -- it wasn't following.

OK, so I avoided a physical jackal-attack (!), but... perhaps worse: The jackal is the symbol (in Egyptian lore, for one) of passage to the Underworld. Dammit. Like I really need to see things like that. (I do not.)

Perhaps it was just a really creepy mangy dog. THAT HAD CLIMBED UP ON THE ROOF OF A BUILDING??

(Later in the day, waiting at a bus-stop in another part of town, a random older woman started to tell me how her cousin's 12-year-old son had just drowned in the Gulf and how she herself had almost drowned in nearly the same spot 50 years ago... I wonder if she and the jackal are connected in some way...)

I'm not regularly psychic, but I have flashes every now and then. For instance, when I was living with my best friends (twins) in the Summer of '88, their mother was dying of cancer. She'd been given maybe 3-6 months to live. One night I had a dream that I was looking at a September calendar with two dates circled, the 29th and 30th. I didn't tell my friends about the dream, but I did tell my own mother about it, and that I thought my friends' mother would die on one of those two dates. She died on September 30. (Years later, on a happier note, I also dreamt that one of the twins was pregnant. She was incredulous. Until she went to her gyno the next week and got the official news!)

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