Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Good Day

Things have been kind of shitty for the past couple of weeks! For one thing, 3 out of 5 checks from the company I did a job for in February have been late (at least a week past the promised "60-day" payment schedule; as if 60 days themselves were not already long enough to wait for your money!). After the first one was late, I thought for sure they'd be embarrassed about screwing up again. Apparently not. And the person in charge of payroll at the company is a fool. Excuse after excuse. I'm just crossing my fingers that I get the last checks at all. It's a real psychological drain dealing with all of that...

Anyhow... I liked today. Things have been pleasant since Friday, actually! The Royal Wedding made me feel happy and made me think about the possibility of true Soul Unification (for want of a better term). And later that day I went to the library, which always puts me in a good mood, as does walking around downtown Austin...

As for today: It was just a great mass of productivity:

Got up at 9am.
Started laundry.
Walked a couple of blocks for a cheap (but gooood) breakfast taco.
Moved laundry to dryer, scarfed down the taco, started the mass of dishes that have been piling up for a week.
Put all the laundry away, finished up the dishes.
Started hand-washing stuff that had been piling up for weeks.
Did 7.75 hours worth of freelance work! (due Tuesday; I'm ahead of schedule)

And then: A beloved cold front blew in!!! (down to 60-ish after 2 months of nasty non-springlike heat)

Took a brisk walk around the 'hood; discovered that my beer store has LOWERED the price of a pack of cigs by about 50 cents! Now the same price as the grocery store!

HOLD ON: I have Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens" on in the background, and he just said, "You'll always remember what you were watching when you heard this news: Osama bin Laden is dead." WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me go check on that!

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