Saturday, May 07, 2011

I'd forgotten... nice it was to sit outside on a balmy spring evening into night and sip cocktails (my old Cape Cods) and talk and talk and talk...for 6 hours! I even ran out of cigarettes halfway through and didn't mind.


Anonymous said...

Please pardon my intrusion. I simply want to tell you how intriguing I find your site! Perhaps this sounds trite and a bit cliche' but I actually understand and relate to many of your experiences as well as your mindset. Perhaps it's our age, but it is refreshing to read an intelligent, coherent and cogent post and find myself laughing instead of cringing at misspelled words and poor grammar. Poetry too has always had a way with me as no other literary form and I see it does with you as well.

Kind thoughts,

Beth Austin said...

Thanks, Dean! Very nice of you to say.