Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspired by Pioneer Woman...

... here's a new feature of my blog! FOOD!

With warm weather now ensconced in Austin through October, it's the perfect time to buy BAGGED GREENS for making quick, refreshing salads! I've seen Fresh Express bagged greens in supermarkets for years now, but to me they never looked that fresh, plus they seemed too expensive. But with the warmer weather and my craving for more fresh vegetables (and with the knowledge of numerous heads of lettuce going bad in my fridge in the past), I thought I'd experiment by buying a bag. The Romaine mix turned out well -- $2.49, and I got 3 servings out of it. I did have to add my own onions, but the mix itself had Romaine lettuce, carrots, and cabbage -- it's way too much hassle for one person to buy all of that separately and chop up (like I said, the lettuce I buy usually goes bad after I've fixed only one or two servings), and this bag o' stuff was the perfect solution. After trying the Romaine mix, I then tested out the Coleslaw bag ($1.99, with an enclosed packet of dressing). It also turned out to be a tasty, refreshing summer-time side. A bit too much for me, alone, to eat, though. Over a few days, I had maybe 3 servings; after that, it got old (didn't go bad, I just got tired of it), so I tossed the rest out.

After my initial excitement about "discovering" Fresh Express bagged salads, I had a niggling in the back of my mind: Wasn't there something in the news recently...? After an Internet search... Why, yes there WAS something in the news!

July 2010 -- Fresh Express Romaine bags recalled for E.coli.
August 2010 -- Fresh Express Veggie Lovers' bags recalled for listeria.
April 2011 -- Fresh Express Spinach bags recalled for salmonella.

DAMMIT! Now SEE! Right there is why I will NEVER be Pioneer Woman! Or have ad revenue!

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