Sunday, May 01, 2011

Makin' Friends

I really, really hate spiders, but there's always been one kind that I never kill when I see them in my house: little jumping spiders! (I used to call them "hopalongs.") They are the cutest things and like to hang out on windowsills and blinds, usually. But for the past two days I've had a couple of brothers making their way all over my apartment. One of them keeps to himself (the ceiling and walls), but the other one has come to say "hi" to me twice now: My computer table is by the kitchen counter, with a built-in bookshelf suspended above the counter; twice now in two days, I've been typing away, only to have a little friend suddenly unravel himself from the shelf to dangle just inches above my computer! I KNOW he knows I'm right here (just looked it up: they have great eyesight). The first time I was startled and involuntarily took a swat at him; he took off and hid. The next time it happened, I just started to blow on him; he put up with that for a couple of seconds, then casually climbed back up his thread to the bookshelf. They're fun to watch!

Only one thing though: This morning, one of them hopped himself onto my pillow. My head wasn't on it, but I was, however, sitting right there. When I shooed him off, it looked like he hopped on under the bedcovers... THAT is not cool. I've been horrified since childhood about the idea of a spider burrowing into my ear while I slept! I probably (regrettably) will have to squush somebody if he keeps hanging around the pillow! :) (Oh geez, how Freudian this is all starting to sound...)


Beth Austin said...

Update: Tonight, the sassiest of the little fuckers hopped down right on my computer keyboard! I shrieked; he jumped down to the floor. Part of this spider behavior is cute and fascinating, but the other part is scary: Don't get ON me, little guy! I'll feel sad if I have to squush you!

Beth Austin said...

On Monday, 5/9, I woke up 'cause something was scittering across my arm... Yeah, the same little spider! Half-asleep, I threw him of me. He went on, the rest of the day, to prowl around the whole house.