Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Idea of a Good Freelance Day

Now, dammit, here's what I find productive all the way around:

Got up at 9:15am.
Worked straight from 9:30am 'til 2:30pm.
Went swimming with my nephews from 3 'til 5.
Showered, ate, then worked for 2 more hours.
Did Joan website stuff.

And now here I am!

The thing about Productive Days is that... at the end of them, you feel relieved and so you drink a bunch... It's now 1:15am. Ideally, I'd go to bed by 2, wake up at 10, go get the older nephew's birthday present for later this week, plus some makeup, come home and do a bunch more work... Maybe. But since I'm currently caught up/ahead of work, I get in "lazy mode," i.e., "drink and goof around on the Internet 'til all hours" -- which doesn't at all lead to a Productive Next Day, that's for sure!

Tomorrow, I really DO need to hop on a bus and go buy my nephew's birthday present. (Ideas for which he today kindly wrote out for me on a tiny pink Post-It note.) I really DO need to do the ton of freelance work that's currently available to me. GO TO BED, STEPH! :)


Anonymous said...

Miss Jones,
What does this post say about your psyche I wonder? Tell you what, I'm going to write you a poem with psyche in the title. Can't wait to hear your critique of that! For now 'Betrayal' is my newest poem for you on my site. . . I'm on pins and needles :) Hurry!

Love & Rockets

Anonymous said...

One more thing I forgot to tell you. I've posted a video for you that is in black and white, which is my preferred color of movies and videos. It has your initials above it SJ. But the blonde in it reminds me of you. Maybe it's a combination of her looks as well as her attitude. Both of which are alluring. Watch it all the way through as it tells a favorite kind of video. You can delete this comment... or not if you need the stats and it floats your boat!!!! :) I'll try and not bother you anymore. Guess your email address is a 'no go'.

I'm gone ~ POOF! ~

Beth Austin said...

Dean, I'll check out the stuff on your blog later this evening. But in the meantime, before you go on with the "alluring" stuff... I like girls, for pete's sake! :)

Anonymous said...

Duh! Just do what I said Missy!

Beth Austin said...

Yay for girls kissing! :) At first I was like, "Why is this guy making me watch this bad noir-wannabe video??" :) I actually thought the woman murderess looked like Frieda Hughes... I'll have to watch again to understand why she kept shooting everyone she kissed! Hmmm... Anyway, thanks! ;p