Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Mother and The Green Fairy

My mother was telling me today that she and her "gentleman friend" had been mixing "licorice-flavored drinks" recently; even after she mentioned "Pernod," it didn't click what she had been making until she mentioned a sugar cube and serrated spoon!

She and her beau have been slurping up ABSINTHE!

I must admit that I was a little shocked. OK, so there's no longer any hallucinogenic wormwood in it, but still...the decadent reputation remains. And she insisted that I had to try it! (Ma, like I need another addiction!) And, not only try it in the pure form, but also in some newfangled thang called the "Traffic Light": Pernod, OJ, and cranberry juice that, when mixed, create three distinct layers that are apparently delightful to observe before sucking down!

What the hell am I doing in my one-room apartment drinking Bud alone night after night while my 70-year-old mother and her "gentleman friend" are experimenting with absinthe! (Note to God: Please let me find someone that I can drink absinthe, and the offshoot drinks, with!) :)

One other thing: She's got that Degas print (see below) up in her house! Thus indicating that she's been fascinated by this Forbidden World for quite some time now. Most likely beginning when she was an au pair girl in Paris in 1960. Oh my goodness. The French.

Effects of Absinthe.

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