Thursday, May 19, 2011

Triumph of the Will

OK, despite my self-urging here yesterday to get to bed "early" (by 2am) and not drink so much last night, I did not and I did, respectively. I think I was up 'til 6 or something, with about a billion beers. Ugh. I woke up briefly today about 1pm, then rolled over and slept on until the insane hour of 3:30 in the afternoon! Uggggggh. If I hadn't had any work to do, it wouldn't have mattered that much, I suppose (except for the crappy physical hangover/smoked-too-much yuckiness), but... I had friggin' work waiting for me!

And one of the projects is for a new company that I want to make a good impression on. There's a pack of 8 of us copy editors doing this particular job; at the end of the Excel chart that we're all filling in, there's a little box with our initials and our completion stats in it. Now THAT, my friend, is THE way to keep me on my toes! I am irrationally competitive sometimes (when I'm not being irrationally lazy), and this little box showed me that I was in the middle of the pack as far as amount of work done since last Friday.

That in itself was impetus for me to get my hung over, groggy ass out of bed, when normally I would have just written off the day and lain there miserably, watching TV. I forced myself to eat some soup and brush my teeth and splash my face and then resolutely got started on the day's work -- at 5pm! (Geez.) At first I thought I'd just grind out the minimum expected of me, but as the minutes and hours wore on, the hangover started to dissipate and I really got in to what I was doing. I kept setting further and further goals:

"OK, just finish this one set of items and then you can quit for the day."
"Well, if you do just one more set, you'll be done with the whole group and then you can notify the manager that you need a new assignment."
"Why don't you just get started on the new assignment, just to have a leg up for the next day?"
"Oh look -- you're only 10 behind 'SC,' who's in the #1 spot! Why not pass him/her up! Yeah! 'Eat my dust, SC!'"

That went on for about 7 hours, at which point I was far ahead of "SC" and felt I could safely quit, my little ego oddly sated! But was that enough for me? NO! I had another project for a different company hanging around -- not due for another 10 days, but... what the hell? Do an hour of it!

So what could have been a yucky, wasted day turned into a mighty (OK, OK: minor) "Triumph of the Will"! If only I could channel this kind of willpower ALL the time. I guess I need more "little boxes with competitor stats" for inspiration. More effective than a rally at Nuremberg!


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to tell people for years that there really is a positive side to 'Advanced Ukrainian Alcohol Psychosis'. I hope you're a believer now Miss!

You're adept at avoiding subjects. I'll not mention it again but you can get my email address from my profile. That way you don't have to put yours out for the world to see.Or maybe I should try the one on your other site. I really would like to correspond with you on occasion.

I'm off like a prom dress~

Beth Austin said...

I'm absolutely NOT adept at avoiding subjects. You're a guy you came on strong online and said, "Hey, let's e-mail each other---wooo!" Since I don't know you at all prior to this past week, why in the world would I be suddenly wanting to personally e-mail you?

BTW: My e-mail's no secret: I run a huge Joan Crawford website with a public e-mail to me listed there.

Anonymous said...

My sincere apology, point taken. I can see how that must have come across... such is the translation loss through blog comments I suppose.

The reason you want to suddenly and personally email me is because you NEED to know why a gang of girls 'Gush' over my every poetic utterance!

At least you admit it's poetic :)

Beth Austin said...

Well, YES... how DID you get the gush of girls??