Friday, August 19, 2011

Am I back??

I dunno... was the 2-1/2 month break from this blog a Summer vacation, or should I really stop posting here for good and use the new, private blog so I can rave and rant and then delete the offensive posts without all sorts of people reading and being either pruriently nosy or personally offended?

(Hi, Dad! Nice to not see you in June 'cause you were pissed off about my blog! Maybe you should try talking to your own daughter rather than skulking around her blog... Just sayin'...)

It's a dilemma. I like THIS blog better, and I missed it! :) It's my whole life history for the past 5 years! I didn't much feel like telling my other blog that many things. :( It's a weird psychological thing: I DO like it when my words are read; but I definitely DON'T like the repercussions when I've said something nasty here (usually at 5am, after 8 or 9 beers)... Hmmm. Maybe learn a little self control about what I post? Ya think?!

One GOOD thing that I do feel like telling THIS blog right now: On my birthday last week, I got a call from a temp agency offering me a GREAT full-time month-long gig (they said 6 weeks, but I don't think the project will last that long) that started this past Monday. The pay? $1000 a week!!! With 4 weeks, that's at least two months' rent/bills covered! And it also means that, yes, I have actually been getting my ass in bed by midnight, and getting up at the (previously to me) ungodly hour of 7:25 AM! (I tried not drinking anything at all for the first 2 nights; just ended up lying in bed with eyes wide open 'til 2 or 3 am and then feeling kinda sluggish the next day at work because of not enough sleep. Then I experimented with "under 6 beers a night and in bed by 12" for the next 2 nights... that worked a lot better. Once I got in bed after the FEW beers, I went right to sleep.)

I have been mightily enjoying the normalcy of getting up early, showering daily, having my bowl of cereal and juice, catching the bus that stops right outside my apartment complex, and taking the 6 MINUTE RIDE to the campus area! From there, it's a 10-minute walk. The walking part is not so delightful in this heat; however... the past 2 months of lying around workless (and, literally, "worth"-less!) and being depressed have left me completely out of shape and mushy-looking as hell. I've been swimming weekly this summer, so I'm a tan rather than a "pale-n-pasty" kind of mush, but still... it ain't such a pretty sight. This walking a mile daily for a month is a GREAT thing. Like back in my NYC-walking-days over a year ago of weighing 140 (pants all a size 8 or 10 -- I'm a 12 currently, and 153 pounds) and having nicely defined calves and no "muffin-top"!

And psychologically: After lying on my ass moping for over half the summer about not having any more at-home freelance work offers, in late July I finally snapped to and started putting in my applications and doing interviews/testing with various temp agencies around town. 7 in all. Just that simple thing felt good: Putting on "interview clothes" and scoring 68-71 on typing tests! Some agencies want you to call in your availability every day; some, only once a week. Just phoning in, too, felt a little productive, at least. It was kind of depressing to see that most of what was currently available were $10-an-hour receptionist gigs; even more depressing not to get any work offers at all for my first 14 days on the temp market! ("Hello, people -- I need rent money for September! I'll even pretend to be enthusiastic about being a receptionist!")

Then came the wonderful birthday call -- $25 an hour (my old going rate), doing exactly what I do best: copyediting! And this from an agency that had previously told me that their temp pool was full! Turns out, the guy in charge thought my resume was interesting; even though I got the generic e-mail from him saying they didn't need anyone in their pool, the man kept my resume in his files anyway... And just a couple of days later, an employer contacted him, wanting someone with JUST my experience! :)

I guess there always has to be lesson somewhere... In this case: Don't lie around on your ass! :) TRY! Speaking of "trying" -- In late July, I even put in applications at the local Target, and at the Fiesta Supermarket! Depressing, but I was TRYING! :) Actually, I wouldn't mind being a floor person at Target or a bagger/stocker at Fiesta (except for the low $8-an-hour wages). I'd hate to be a cashier and stand there ringing up annoying customers all day, but stocking and straightening and arranging groceries in bags -- I wouldn't mind that much...

So here I am... gainfully employed, doing what I like to do and am very good at, for the next month. (As for the job possibly extending... I was initially hoping, but as soon as I got there, realized that the department is in a huge flux -- the boss of 10 years just got laid off; 2 other full-time regulars just got laid off. It's a financial mess there! I'm pretty sure that once this emergency project is done, they're not going to need to keep me around.)

But even knowing that, I'm still extremely excited about my one month of $4000 and losing 10 pounds and SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE TO DO EVERY DAY! :) (Plus: I also like being able to fully appreciate SLEEPING IN this Saturday and Sunday, sans 7:25 AM alarm!)


Anonymous said...

God I've missed you Miss Jones. I hope you remember me once you see my photo on my blog. Yes I deleted my poetry blog and just started this one for the upteenth time! Maybe this video will jar your memory of who I am. I think you called it at the time a "Cheap-noir black and white piece of something or other" ☺

Nice to see you're back.

Beth Austin said...

Dean, yeah, I did think the video was amateurish and noir-wannabe, and the women not so sexy. Yes indeed. Nothing personal, but I thought it was cheesy! So fucking sue me! :) Give me a fucking break!

Anonymous said...

No offense taken. No lawsuits either ☺ Have a great weekend off!

Jennifer said...

It's nice to have you back (for however long that might be). Congrats on the work!

Beth Austin said...

Thanks, Jennifer! (And sorry so rude earlier, Dean.)