Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wish List

I'm nearing the end of the 3rd week of high-paying 40-hours-a-week employment. As I mentioned in a previous post, it's only temp and due to end as soon as the project is done (the boss says expect 9/16 -- 2 weeks from this Friday -- but I can't see how it will be that long; I'm hoping for at least next Friday, the 9th). I've been 15 minutes EARLY to work every single day and am kicking some copyediting ass! ;) It's a great feeling to be gainfully employed at something I'm VERY good at, and in a pleasant environment to boot. Once it's over, though, back to the grind of trying to scrounge up stuff. At least now my resume is on file with a billion (OK, 7) temp agencies, so I just have to call in and reactivate my availability, rather than go through all the draining legwork I had to do in late July. And with this job, I've made a great new contact; rumor has it they have other projects coming up, so hopefully I'll be considered for those... The most important thing: At the end of the current gig, I need to NOT slide back into the mind-numbing nothingness of lying around the house all day. Yes, I'll have rent for the next 2 months covered, but it's important that I keep on this roll, even if it's low-paying secretarial stuff -- just to keep some income, er, coming in and to have a routine and to feel a bit productive...

Maybe thinking about things I want to GET will be impetus for taking any job:

A cat! For the past week or so, a black cat with pretty eyes has been lying under a tree outside my window looking up at me whenever I get home from work and peer down. Sooooo gorgeous! I miss sexy kitties!

But I refuse to have one in this tiny apartment, so that also means -- a nicer apartment! A garage apartment or duplex, one where everyone's not all on top of each other constantly. (I have an asshole loud neighbor who's moving out today -- HOORAY! "Asshole" because in the past 6 weeks that's he's lived next door, I've asked him politely 3 times to please turn down the bass on his stereo. I've even had him over into my apartment so he could hear what I was hearing... Many or most would say, "Oh, sorry 'bout that" and turn their shit down after a polite request. This guy? Nah. According to him, I must not know Austin very well; Austin's about MUSIC, man! When I told him that, aside from 2 years in San Fran and 3 years in NYC, I've been in Austin since 1983 and thus probably knew the town pretty well, he countered with, "Well, this is the EAST SIDE." When I told him that I used to live just a few blocks from here for 7 YEARS before moving to NYC, he said, "Legally, I have the right to play my music." Jesus H. Christ. Me: "I'm not talking about 'legal,' I'm talking about being a nice neighbor and not playing it so loud!" Him: "I can't even hear it when I'm in my bathroom." Me: "If I can hear it while I'm in MY bathroom, then I know that YOU can hear it in YOUR bathroom." Him: "I've gotta FEEL the bass!" Oh boy. In short, he never lowered the volume. He'd already told me that he was switching to an apt. in a different complex run by the same management by September 1, so I for the most part just tried to grin and bear it. Finally had a loud-music-stress breakdown last Friday night after 3 hours of his non-stop shit -- called the cops, left 2 messages with management, stormed into the management office Saturday morning to complain, etc. etc. In the past few days since then, he's been SLIGHTLY quieter, but not much. At any rate: Tonight's the last night I'll have to deal with it!)

So, um, what was I saying? Oh yeah: A garage apartment or duplex with not so many neighbors and so I can get a kitty-kat again! To achieve that when my lease is up in 7 months? Duh --- constant work, girl!

Other things on the Wish List:

An iPod and iPod station. My cheap boombox (I sold my real stereo when I moved to NY and bought the boombox there, then shipped it back to Austin) is good for a spare room but not as my main source of music listening. I want to have fun downloading stuff onto a "newfangled" iPod, both new and all of my old CDs. And tying in with the not-so-close-quarters desire: I'd like to be able to crank up my own music! I feel guilty doing it here, with so many neighbors that I might bother!

A new laptop. Thank god for my current one, which a Joan Crawford-friend sent to me for free while I was in NY. It saved my ass once my 2000 desktop went bad, and it's been saving my ass ever since. However... it's from 2005. And it, too, is starting to slow down. As much as I'm on the computer, what with the Joan website and all, I need a fresh state-o-the-art computer.

Car? Honestly, I don't miss having a car that much. I'm certainly not a gal-about-town, needing to be all sorts of places! Work, the grocery store, my hairdresser... All pretty handy by bus. My family members live within 2 miles of me, and don't mind terribly picking me up on occasion. And the bus takes me right downtown to the library and my favorite bookstore. I guess I'd like a car to go to movies or malls, but... I don't do that that often anyway. So I think I wish for a BIKE. So I can independently go to and from family members' houses, plus to two cafes that are within a mile.

Furniture? Yeah: I'd like a chair or loveseat, and some real-wood bookshelves (instead of Target plastic). I have a built-in chest-of-drawers in this apartment, but in a new place, I'd need a chest also.

Clothes/shoes? More, more, more please! Luckily, my Marshall's gift certificate purchases of many pairs of pants around Christmas helped me look decent for dressing for work. But I've been wearing the same 2 pairs of shoes all week! And rotating the same 6 or 7 summer shirts. If I had my way, I'd go out and get at least 3 pairs of shoes and 5 shirts immediately!

OK, this all is for me to read once my current temp job ends and I'm feeling like sleeping in 'til 2pm: DON'T BE A LAZY ASS! If you want stuff, then hustle for some jobs!

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