Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 dream (during my all-day sleeping)

For the past 4 weeks while doing my 9 - 5 temp job, I've been on a sleeping schedule and have usually been up early even on weekends -- on Saturday, doing grocery shopping and other chores; on Sunday, going to The Mom's for swimming and doing laundry and dinner. It's been a good, productive month.

This weekend, though, with the job about to end early next week, I just lay in bed all weekend, doing nothing at all but being lethargic. At some point during my constant sleep on Saturday or Sunday, dreamt of being at a soccer tryout hosted by a Pakistani coach. At one point, saw S. across the room and kept looking at her and studying her face and thinking how pretty she was. I finally approached her and said, "Hi, S." She said, "Hi, Stephanie." And then turned her back on me and walked away. (She was wearing a pair of weird trendy jeans; the jeans looked stupid but her butt looked cute.)

In the dream after that, I tried to find a matching pair of shoes for the soccer tryout. I couldn't get 2 shoes to match, even thought I knew I'd brought a matching pair to tryouts. Somehow they'd disappeared.

And then I woke up and thought: "What if S. is dead? What if that was her spirit's Goodbye to me?"

A bad, sad weekend. Come back.

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