Monday, September 19, 2011

...And In Every Home

The biggest purchase I've made after my big 5-weeks-of-work paydays: A JVC iPod dock/CD player/radio! (On sale online last week for $74.99; regularly $120 or so at various other places I checked.) Back in the olden days (before moving to NYC in '07) I had a regular stereo with various components and massive speakers; that one was actually worth about $500 -- when I bought it nearly new from a pawn shop for $200 in 1987!! So the thing was ONCE state of the art! Sold the various parts in my going-away yard sale, for maybe $75 total. In NY, made do with a cheap $50 boombox (CD/cassette(!)/radio) I picked up from a discount store there, and then paid to have shipped back to Austin last year.

There was something very psychologically satisfying about buying a NEW sound system (however minor) with NEW technology capabilities, like a dock for the nonexistent iPod that I WILL (dammit!) get soon! And despite no iPod to dock, playing my CDs in this pretty cheap new player is also satisfying -- the sound is a LOT better (clearer, and no skips in the CDs) than the boombox. Haven't cranked it up yet, but will (briefly) during the day tomorrow when I hope no neighbors are home to be bothered... That's another thing: I'd been so uptight since living here about other people's stereos that I'd barely played any of my own music (just kept the TV on constantly or watched videos on YouTube), not wanting to be a "hypocrite" for potentially being loud myself. I need to just relax about that. My having the volume at "2" doesn't even come close to the mayhem that the now-gone asshole next door subjected me to, with his hours and HOURS of shit turned up to "9" 4 or 5 days a week!

I really missed listening to my CDs! I've got about 200 now, down from maybe 500 that I used to have (before pawning some over the years and selling a ton before I left for NY)... One really stupid decision I made about 15 years ago in a moment of poverty: Selling off most of the entire collection of Beatles albums I had on CD! That wasn't like selling off a random band's 3rd album or something -- I KNEW that I'd want all the Beatles stuff back. (Now I just own "Hard Day's Night," "Help!" and "Rubber Soul.") I also miss all of my XTC and Doors and Concrete Blonde CDs (once had them all). And multi-disc collections from Sinatra and Hank Williams and Patsy Cline. And the ton of other country CDs -- from '40s through the '90s -- I amassed while living in San Francisco in the mid-90s... (though I never sold any of my George Jones!).

Right now listening for the second time in a row to Elvis Costello's "Imperial Bedroom," one of my favorite albums ever, just repurchased last week.

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