Friday, September 16, 2011

Murder, She Says

Someone across the hall from me just got murdered (well, MAYBE) last Tuesday night, but everyone seems kind of blase about it! (No, it wasn't the neighbor that was bugging me with all of his loud bass for half the summer --- now THAT would be suspicious!) ;0

Tuesday night, around 8:30pm, I started to hear all sorts of loud bumps coming from across the hall. At 8:45 or so, I poked my head out of the door to see what was going on... There was a group of about 5 young people (early 20s) gathered around the open door of the apartment one door down across the hall. When I opened my door, they all stopped whatever they were doing and looked at me and kind of giggled (yes, giggled): "Huh-huh --- Sorry!"

I said, "Just seeing what was going on out here!" then went back in. There continued to be bumpings and scrapings for the next hour or so. I didn't pop out again, just assuming that the kids were either moving out or in.

The next day I get up and there's a bright orange police HOMICIDE SCENE sticker on the door of that apartment! I immediately called the apartment manager:

"Did someone get KILLED here last night?"
"Oh no, no." [silence]
"But...there's a big crime scene sticker on the door across the hall that says 'Homicide' on it!"
"Well, someone did die there last night. But it was of natural causes."
"But the sticker says 'Homicide'!"
"Well, that's just the department that's handling it."

I then told the manager about all the bumping and scraping. And about my peering out the door to see the group of "kids" kind of giggling.

"Well, his friends were trying to contact him. They'd tried calling him on his cell, but there was no answer, so they broke the door down. That was what you heard."
"But... why were they smiling and giggling when I looked out to see what was going on?"
"I can't answer that. But the death was of natural causes."

Very mysterious! I guess the guy overdosed, but... why in the world were his "friends" so jolly whenever I looked out?

I've lived here for over a year now, and have never seen the person living in that particular apartment. Just about everyone else on the 2nd floor I've seen come and go and have said hi to in passing. I had no idea, though, who lived in that apartment...

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