Wednesday, September 07, 2011


A fresh $2000 in the bank today after 2 weeks of work!!!! With at least another $1000 to come 2 weeks from now. After that, most likely no perfect-for-me temp job! :(

So I'd better save the money and guarantee rent/bills for 2 months, right? Or maybe just go out and get these shoes IMMEDIATELY... God, I'm starved for shoes. I just sooooooooo want to buy the EXACT shoes I like and not worry about practicality and/or if they cost $200 or not! I really miss my old college days: The financial aid checks came at the beginning of every semester, and then I'd splurge on one, or maybe two, pair of just-exactly-what-I-wanted/cost-be-damned shoes, usually from "cool," too-expensive stores on the Drag in Austin.

I'm so covetous of the shoes below! I can at least get the $60 Zelda sneakers (which I spotted and wanted last year), and the beige Oxfords (listed at $139, but I saw them recently online for $99)... I suppose that's a good compromise. But DAMN do I want those spiked loafers and patent-leather Beatle boots and red '30s pumps!

I'm so tired of being cribbed and cramped and stifled and stymied and this-that-n-the-other forms of not getting to be/do what I want! This fantastic temp job of the past 4 weeks has given me a taste of freedom, that's for sure. (That, and the taste of fall weather currently in the air here in Austin -- Sunday it dipped down to 58 at night after 5 months of nothing but 78-ish at night... I need some FRESH AIR!)

In the past couple of weeks, I've flashed back to hints of a sensation that I remembered from high school: I'd just learned to drive but didn't know my way around the Fort Worth area very well at all (basically just knew how to get to school and to my local job and back). At one point I needed to drive somewhere in the city, can't remember where, but had only a vague idea of how to get there, even after studying a map (the loops around Fort Worth are tricky). My mom was driving in that direction that day and so I followed behind her car... God, her keeping-to-the-speed-limit drove me nuts! We poked and poked along, me gritting my teeth. Until finally I saw a familiar landmark and something kicked in and I knew EXACTLY which route to take... I could not wait to GUN the engine (if a '79 Pinto's engine can indeed be "gunned") and speed past her and wave!

I'm feeling antsy like that now. I want to stop shuffling along and GO! While wearing a pair of $200 spiked loafers.


mymn said...

We have completely different taste in shoes! ;P But speaking about shoes, I need to buy one too. Anyway, I like reading this blog.

Beth Austin said...

I think you should splurge and buy TWO (your other foot will thank you)... :)

How could you not just looooooove my beautiful shoes?! :)

I'm curious: You and anyone else who feels like it: Send me some links to YOUR "dream shoes"! :)

Jennifer said...

I’ll play coveted shoes! Hopefully, these links work.

These with jeans in Brown

For work with pants

For the winter

I love these

and I just bought these in Taupe

Beth Austin said...

Thanks, Jennifer. (Had to cut and paste, but the links worked!)

I liked best the Oxfords and the Joan & David pump... (And, my goodness -- I thought I was being decadent thinking about $200 shoes! You outdid that with the $1000 boots!) :)

mymn said...

Oh, you're right...I meant "one pair of shoes." ;-D

I don't really look over shoes no links from me for now.

Beth Austin said...

Mateja, re "I don't really look over shoes no links" -- Since you didn't like my shoes here, I was just curious about what shoes YOU liked. Has nothing to do with if you ever "looked over shoes online." What kind of shoes do you happen to like? Geezus.