Saturday, October 15, 2011

Come early. Be loud. Stay late.

Not always the best prescription, but in this case, it mainly worked!

As I've bitched about maaaaaaannnny times before here, not having regular work makes me a slug. A lying-around-the-room, watching-TV-12-hours-a-day, drinking-into-the-early-morning-hours slug. Not proud of it. But it's just how it turns out, having nothing else at all to do.

In this instance, haven't had a day of work in 2 weeks! (Despite being registered with 7 -- count 'em, 7! -- employment agencies and calling in my availability weekly or daily, per their requirements. With that, and applying for any available jobs that I see online, what the hell else am I supposed to do? Can't think of anything...)

Friday morning, I'd gone to bed at 6 a.m. or something. Heard the phone ring at 10 a.m. Was too hung over (or still drunk) to get up and answer it. When I finally got my groggy ass out of bed around 3 p.m., I listened to the message from one agency: Did I want to work the UT Longhorns game this Saturday? I was almost afraid to call back, 5 hours after the fact, and almost just negatively blew the offer off... but when I did call, there was, luckily, still a spot for me...

It turned out to be a fun experience! Number one, ANYTHING to get out of my apartment and earn a little needed money is a "fun experience." Number two, though, this really was a fun, exuberant, invigorating environment to be in. Just the fact that the Longhorns had gotten creamed so badly last week by OU and needed to make amends, this time playing a team just as good as OU, set the stage for a bit of excitement in the air...

And then: In all my years at UT, both as a student and an employee, I'd only been to ONE Longhorn game, back in the '80s. Had seats high up in the rafters, didn't really enjoy it that much. This time, though, I was assigned to work as a "floater" on the floor with the indoor suites --- i.e., where all the "rich folk" gathered. I'd initially hoped to get a great view of the game, which didn't happen, except when I was stationed outside a suite door, where I could peek in and down at the field. (Since I was a floater, I had the freedom to run to said doors whenever I heard a huge roar from the crowd!)

It was also interesting to get to watch the "elites'" behavior: I'd been told by staff regulars to get a load of all the alcohol constantly schlepped in to the suites, so I was expecting/hoping to see some Bacchanalia! No such luck! :) I did get to see the President of UT and Wife walking around, along with other UT luminaries, but... no one was doing anything weird or obnoxious! In other words: Nothing to make outraged social commentary here about! :)

OK, so every single person that I saw in the suites was white. And, of the various staff members, the majority, 80% or more, were Hispanic or black, with lil' ol' me in the 20% minority. What, at this point, can I even say about that racial breakdown? It's all been said before. And I think, had I been 26 rather than 46, I might have had sensations of, "One day, I too will have such a suite!" But, being 46, I didn't really care. Mainly because the suites and what was going on in them and what the people in them looked like and their view of the playing field wasn't THAT envy-inspiring.

A lot of 50-60-year-olds (the women with nicely coiffed hair) and their grandkids. A few suites dominated by 20-somethings, the boys looking like fresher-faced versions of their rich fathers and grandfathers (you knew EXACTLY what the boys would look like in 30 years), and the girls -- in their miniskirts and accompanying cowboy boots and long straight hair and fake eyelashes -- looking like Austin's only slightly differing version of LA/Kardashian girls as seen on TV. Completely nonthreatening visually, psychologically, what-have-you. They just were what they were: middle-aged and young people drinking and watching a football game. (I always love judging. And I'm usually at least somewhat paranoid. That I got no bad vibes at all from my surroundings Saturday was a pleasant thing! All I basically came away thinking was that these people were good-looking! Better looks are one thing I'll grant Texans over New Yorkers, for instance!) :)

(Oh yeah: UT lost to OSU, 26 to 38.)

A good day, in an exuberant setting, plus I earned a hundred dollars just for sitting around. I'm thankful for having the chance to do it. Another chance for me to reconnect with Austin, which I suppose I didn't do properly during my first 20 years. (Never once going to any public library then, for instance; or never walking around downtown during the day, seeing things other than clubs after midnight.)

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