Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sunshine Maria

The anonymous black cat that I've seen a couple of times lying below in the next-door-neighbor's scruffy, rented yard looking up at me while I looked down at her from my 2nd-story apartment window is apparently named "Sunshine Maria." And this morning she didn't want to come home.

The plaintive calls for "Sunshine Mariaaaaaa...." started about 10am. Then some whistles. Then some more "Sunshine Maria"s and more whistles. After 15 minutes of this, I got annoyed and looked out the window for a bit. Saw nothing, went and laid back down. After more calls, got up again: This time I saw a black cat jumping off my apartment roof to the roof of the shed of the property next door. (My own now-dead cat Grace was a big roof-jumper, so I thought this was cool.) Kept looking. After the jump, couldn't see anything. Went and laid back down. But then the calls for "Sunshine Maria" kept up so, annoyed still, I got back up and looked back out. In time to see SM making her way down off the shed via trees and then onto the path joining the property/shed of the house next door to my apartment complex. Her owner kept calling and calling. SM kept inching forward and then stopping just short of the fence dividing the property of the house from the apartment complex. I finally saw her owner come into view, on my apartment side of the fence: "Sunshine! Here, Sunshine! Come here." SM, just inches from the dividing fence, looked at her and didn't move. And didn't move. And didn't move. And didn't move.

How both cool and annoyingly cat-like was that cat! :) (Cool for herself and annoying for the owner.) And how annoying were the owner's cries, at least to me, semi-trying to sleep despite her ongoing cat-calls and whistles! (And what's the story behind naming a black cat "Sunshine Maria" -- I highly doubt that the naming was with any knowledge of Edison's "Black Maria" film studio! Or... was it? Am I just a misanthrope?) :)

The owner finally gave up. I, on the other hand, kept watching out the window. Sunshine Maria finally crossed under the fence over to our apartments, long after her plaintively-calling owner had gone.

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