Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Will Astrology

While I usually like Brezsny's weekly "Free Will Astrology" column (intricate and psychologically helpful, published in many alternative weekly papers like the Austin Chronicle), I tend to dislike Brezsny's Facebook page, which is much more "lowest-common-denominator" and PC. A recent post of his on Facebook:

Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology
"5 techniques to increase happiness: 1. Keep a daily gratitude journal, listing items for which you feel grateful. 2. Perform a meditation in which you reflect on something that made you happy. 3. Make a habit of sharing the highlights of your day with someone close to you. 4. Practice forgiveness routinely. 5. Construct a list of experiences that relax and rejuvenate you."

To which I responded:

In actuality, the above activities don't work at all, just act as stand-ins while you're waiting for something real. (Seriously, I tried the above for over 5 years: being grateful for found pennies, weeds blooming through cracks in pavement, et al. I sincerely appreciated these things intellectually, but they still rang extremely hollow, along the lines of enjoying a good TV show. Truth is, LOVE is necessary. And that usually comes in the form of a person, not a penny.)

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