Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"If you want to know the truth..."

"...as we flaunt our escapades,

swallow down our portion of whiskey and dex,
salvage the day with some soup or some sex,
juggle our teabags as we inch down the hall,
let the blood out of our fires with phenobarbital,
lick the headlines for Starkweathers and Specks..."


"...I have visions --- sometimes ritualized visions --- that come to me of God, or of Christ, or of the Saints, and I feel that I can touch them almost...that they are part of me. It's the same 'Everything that has been shall be again.' It's reincarnation, speaking with another voice...or else with the Devil. If you want to know the truth, the leaves talk to me every June."


Poor Kayo didn't know what the hell he was getting into! They were both 19 when they married. 19! Who is 19 when they commit to anything serious? And who knows at 19 that their wife is actually a seer and psychic... eventually earning a Pulitzer Prize to top it off, to assuage all your suspicions about her laziness --- but still not actually explaining her incredibly bizarre behavior at home!

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