Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ron Paul

At the Republican debate tonight on CNN, Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul made a few salient points:

1) RE the infamous US "War on Drugs": "Prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs." Which is completely true. Not to mention how many people alcohol kills, both physically over time and because of momentary outbursts.

2) RE the US imposing a "no-fly zone" over other countries: "We wouldn't like it if China put a no-fly zone over us. We need to mind our own business." Which is completely true.

3) RE the Taliban attacking us: "The Taliban only attacks us because they want us out of their countries. Just like we'd want THEM out of OUR country." Which is completely true.

One thing about Paul I must know before I support him: his opinion on outsourcing --- American corporations sending their jobs to countries with especially cheap labor markets, like India, for example. Given his Libertarian principles, I don't know that Paul would support American corporations being punished for shipping out jobs to non-Americans to save a buck.

But as an American who has been constantly employed for the past 30 years since aged 16 --- up until the last 3 years, after which I became a scruffy freelancer against my will, purely as a result of various publishers outsourcing... I want a candidate who demands that the American companies COME HOME AND EMPLOY AMERICANS.

Naif that I am, I just e-mailed Paul's website, asking for his position on outsourcing.

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