Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My favorite post-Christmas stuff...

My mom called me today, the day after Christmas; she'd gone to the Monday sales and bought a BED-PAD for me since I'd been complaining about how harsh the springs were on the bed that I'd bought for cheap just last year. (Seriously, all of my adult life, I've bought nothing but cheap mattresses, which have never bothered me at all, but the set I bought last year upon moving into my one-room apartment has been the worst EVER! The springs, after only a year, have literally poked through the fabric and have been constantly poking ME while I've tried to sleep!)

When my mom arrived with her gift bed-pad and I asked her to "feel, just FEEL" how bad the springs had been, her first thought was, "They're bad. But since the springs were that bad, why didn't you just turn the mattress over? This mattress isn't that heavy. You probably could have lifted it by yourself."

Aaargh! Yes, indeed, I could have! Why I didn't think of that, I do not know! :)

So we turned the mattress over, got the new thick bed-pad on, and... VOILA! A nice new comfy bed! (Or so they say; I haven't slept on it yet. We shall see, and I'm sure I shall report...)

After the bed-pad was on, I didn't want the fun to end, so I asked my mom if she wanted to go to the close-by thrift store, just to be out and doing something on this pretty day... OK!

And there I got ALL of these books for only $2.50!! Shopping for books is like shopping for SHOES to me -- extremely psyche-satisfying... Except when I just went shoe-shopping last week, I spent $210.00 for 3 pairs ($100, $70, and $40), while when I went book-shopping today, I spent... $2.50 for 7 books!

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