Monday, December 12, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Originally written in 1933 by Kern/Harbach for an "operetta" called "Roberta," and first appeared in the '35 film based on the same, with Irene Dunne singing it.

I like this Platters version best (1958).

Even more than the Bryan Ferry version from '74. Though I'm guessing that Ferry's version is probably closest in sentiment to the original, which then had to be cleaned up for the film, etc. etc. And the Ferry version plus any Roxy Music was my soundtrack of the summer of '91, a miserable summer, which Ferry captured completely in all of its awful hurt and masochism combined with a life-affirming desire for some, ANY, sort of beauty and order. Aw, hell. I really do like the Ferry version the best.

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