Friday, December 16, 2011

U.S. "Defense"?

On Chris Matthews' MSNBC show Thursday, he closed by stating that the United States was NEVER an aggressor (!) and only reacted militarily when it was attacked, thus the name, "Department of DEFENSE." And Matthews is a Democrat, on a heavily liberal MSNBC!

I'm not that knowledgeable about the subtleties of American military interventions prior to WWII, but I do know something about what all we've done post-WWII.

Below is a handy outline that I copied and pasted from Wikipedia, which in basic form lists all of our country's ongoing military activities and interventions since post-WWII.

I'm curious: In which of the below was the United States acting "in defense"?

2.15 Cold War era (1945–1991)

2.15.1 Postwar Military Reorganization (1947)
2.15.2 Korean War (1950–1953)
2.15.3 Lebanon crisis of 1958
2.15.4 Dominican Intervention
2.15.5 Vietnam War (1955–1975)
2.15.6 Tehran hostage rescue
2.15.7 Grenada
2.15.8 Beirut
2.15.9 Libya
2.15.10 Panama

2.16 Post–Cold War era (1991–2001)

2.16.1 Persian Gulf War (1990–1991)
2.16.2 Somalia
2.16.3 Haiti
2.16.4 Yugoslavia

2.17 War on Terrorism (2001–present)

2.17.1 Afghanistan
2.17.2 Philippines

2.18 Iraq
2.19 Libyan intervention


As someone pointed out a few months ago: We're ALWAYS at war. The United States has been CONSTANTLY at war for over 50 years now. There's NEVER a break from it. It's like the fucking Orwellian "1984" scenario!

I'd like a fucking break from the constant fucking Perpetual War, please!

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