Sunday, December 11, 2011

You know you're really old when... go Christmas shopping at Marshall's and, after the scented candles, the next thing that catches your (bleary) eye is... discount READING GLASSES! And the knowledge that you can also get discount reading SUNGLASSES! Wooooooo!


Well, I am excited about the candles. My place has smelled of smoke for the past 2 months, since I've been unable to afford any candles. It's only one room, and now that it's cold out, I only crack one window at night, when I do most of my smoking. When I leave during the day, I open both windows to air the place out, but it still stinks!

Once I got a new paycheck, the first thing I thought of after getting Christmas presents and a haircut was: CANDLES --- Pine-tree, peppermint, and cinnamon. I want CHRISTMAS SMELLS around me, dammit! And now I have them, at last.

As for the reading glasses: I'm actually pretty happy about finding those. On sale, 3 for $9.99. Up 'til now, I'd had one "good" (aka "semi-stylish") pair that I bought last spring and have been hauling along to job assignments, and then the one horribly ugly pair (given to me from my mom's '80s-90s collection) that I used at home. Now I have a whole boatload to disperse around the one room and the bags I carry to temp assignments, etc. Did I say "Woooooooo" earlier? ;p

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