Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunday Morning


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only 40something person left who liked Julie London. I love her version of 'Cry me a river'. By the way, you look the most like Sylvia Plath...That's not because she is my favorite poet of either sex. I hope all of this is spelled correctly...I cannot seem to locate my new pair of reading glasses from Walgreen's. (Foster Grants no less). I recently came to the realization that I simply MUST swallow my pride so as to read!
My best to you

Beth Austin said...

Hey "Kent" (aka "Dean from Brandon, Florida"):

Really, you're back to using pseudonyms on the 'net so soon after the big brouhaha months ago, with that spurned online girlfriend of yours spilling the beans about your being married, etc., to anyone who would listen?! I saved her e-mail; I can always let her know you're baaa-aaaaack and under what name.

Aside from my hating people faking identities online, I also hate the fact that you must think I'm a simpleton! :) What did you think my response to your above would be? "OMG! You like Julie London just like me! And you think I look like Sylvia Plath -- she's also MY favorite poet! And, and... you have to wear reading glasses? ME TOO!" Please. I'm extremely insulted.