Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cool job application

A marketing firm just advertised the following temp job (only 2 weeks!). What I liked about it was the last part:

"...If you are interested, please tell us something about you and, as a skills test, please write your own 1-sentence witty sayings (like what would be found in a Fortune Cookie) about the following 5 topics and include them in your email...

(1) organic farming, (2) golf, (3) the ocean, (4) Saab and (5) sales."


I already sent in my "skills test" but I'm curious: What would you guys have written for the above 5 items?


Later note (February 1):

What I ended up turning in to the job application:

(1) When life gives you manure... farm it!
(2) See what suits you to a tee.
(3) Today you will make waves.
(4) A Saab story to make you smile.
(5) There's a bridge you should see...

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