Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ghost of a Girl

Hi, Gin. Thanks for your spirit visiting me Monday night. I needed you.

There's so much we missed together. (I don't know if YOU missed, but I missed.) I wish I could have grown up with you and experienced Austin with you. It ended up a Wasteland for me.

I mourned you for 5 years before you died. Found out you had actually died when I called your Georgia house in November of 1988. Your father said, "I thought we told all the Azle people."

You were a Libra (October 11) and wore Lauren perfume. And liked Heart and Prince. And listened to my Lennon when you didn't really want to. Thank you for the matchbooks you sent me, after a song we wrote together. And for saying that I looked like Marilyn when I posed above the heat vent that blew up my dorky nightgown.

You ended up not loving me, but for a brief time I loved and knew I was loved in return. I am grateful.


GINNY Q (July 29, 1983)

I see you, my funny friend
And my heart laughs
Glad to be close again

A soul-mate comes once in a lifetime

So I'll run with the chance
To smoke and dance and sing
And let you know
that nine out of ten
are always there for the breaking!

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