Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loving Nixon

Spent most of this Saturday night watching the Republican returns from South Carolina! Which reminded me...

In the summer of 1980, when I was 14, I stayed up til all hours to see who Reagan would pick as his VP (back when such things were excitingly up for grabs 'til all hours): Gerald Ford or George H.W. Bush. When the decision was finally made, my mother -- with whom I'd been noshing in daylight hours -- was asleep, yet I was so excited that I slipped a piece of paper under her door, so she'd see it first thing in the morning: "IT'S BUSH!" (Imagine getting excited about such a thing!) :)

From Wikipedia RE what was going on that night in 1980:


Ronald Reagan's choice for vice presidential running mate had been a subject of speculation since the end of the primaries. When former President Gerald Ford revealed in a CBS interview with Walter Cronkite that he was seriously considering the vice presidency, Ford garnered a great deal of interest. However, after Ford suggested the possibility of a "copresidency" and, in addition, insisted that Henry Kissinger be re-appointed as Secretary of State and that Alan Greenspan be appointed as Secretary of the Treasury, negotiations to form a Reagan-Ford ticket ceased. Less than twenty-four hours before Reagan formally accepted the Republican nomination, he telephoned George H. W. Bush to inform Bush of his intent to nominate him. The following day, July 17—the final day of the Republican National Convention—Reagan officially announced Bush as his running mate.


I really do seem to get off on stuff like this. For instance, when I was 3, my mother notes in my childhood scrapbook that I would --- as a 3-year-old --- stop and watch Richard Nixon whenever he was on TV! (At 3, I was apparently a weird savant of some sort.)

By the time I was 9, I was watching Nixon's resignation on TV and later writing the man a sympathy letter...

My only later political claim to fame came in 1984, when I was 18, driving in the motorcade of Gary Hart when he appeared at UT-Austin. The pollster Pat Caddell (now on Fox) rode in my back seat. Wooo!

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