Friday, January 13, 2012

Bad Meat!

When the below study was released today, I was especially freaked out by just how bad processed meats were for you. I mean, I KNEW they weren't GREAT, but... just a serving a day can raise the cancer risk by 20%? Ick.

I just took a look around my fridge, freezer, and cabinet: sausage, hotdogs, all kinds of pizza, deli turkey meat, Beenie-Weenies, Lean Pockets, frozen beef burritos, canned chili, a frozen enchilada dinner... The only "real" meat I have around is hamburger meat. [See below about red meat.] I feel kind of nauseous thinking about it. I guess I thought that since I also eat vegetables and drink orange juice every day, they'd counteract the nastiness of the processed meat, but that's really "magical thinking"!

I don't really cook, but I guess I do need to focus on chicken, fish, tuna for meat when I HAVE to have meat (often beans/rice or a baked potato or spaghetti/non-meat sauce or a salad are fine with me)... Just seeing the above list of crappy meat in the house was really gross.

"...[the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm] found that eating at least 120 grams per day of red meat ... was associated with an almost 30% increased risk of pancreatic cancer in men ... Red meat didn't raise the risk of pancreatic cancer in women, and the researchers said that men generally ate more red meat. That could mean there may be an association between the highest levels of red meat intake and pancreatic cancer risk, they noted.

Processed meat, on the other hand, was associated with a significant increase in pancreatic cancer risk all around. For every daily 50-gram standard serving [2 pieces of bacon, 1 sausage], relative risk of the disease rose 19% ...

That increase is likely related to the nitrites and N-nitroso compounds found in processed meats, which have been shown to be carcinogenic and to induce pancreatic cancer in animal models, the researchers wrote."

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