Saturday, January 07, 2012

Republicans on a Saturday Night

Just finished watching the Repub debate on ABC. Last Q was what each would normally be doing on a Saturday night...

Rick Perry would be at the shooting range. (yee-haw/fake super-butch)
Huntsman would be on the phone with his two sons in the Navy. (yawn/fake super-patriot)
Gingrich: "I'd be watching the championship basketball game on TV. I mean -- football." (Even if you meant "football," Newt, the college championship is Monday.)
Santorum: "I'd be watching the championship game." (See above.)
Romney: "The football game. I love football." (See above.)
Ron Paul: "I'd be with my family, and if they went to bed, I'd read an economics book." :)

Thank you, Ron Paul, for the only NON-PHONY answer of the bunch! (I don't even mind the stupid "shooting range" and "Navy sons" answers in comparison to pretending to be into football when you're obviously not. Ugh.)

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